Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Strange Photos

I like taking pictures of weird things I see when I'm out and about. Or, for my Canadian friends, oot and aboot. I'm totally bilingual.

Since there is hardly a human left without a cell phone...and we don't leave home without them...and nearly all cell phones now have cameras...we are all just a few clicks away from capturing the world around us at any given moment! So that's what I've been doing for the past few months. My son has been a big motivator of the project. Many of the photos you are about to see have been taken at his request when we are walking around the neighborhood. Ahem. I live in a nice neighborhood. Really. Don't judge.

This may be the oldest One-Way sign still standing. Note that there is a "modern" one across the street. I love that they haven't taken this one down.
Socks on a sidewalk. That pretty much sums this one up, but it's interesting to note that this was in front of a restaurant and an insurance agency. There are no homes or laundromats on this block.
Open umbrella high in a tree. This was actually taken on the same block on the same day as the socks. Perhaps a strong wind came along, knocked someone right out of his socks, and launched his umbrella into the branches.
Nothing says "classy" like a bottle of cheap berry-flavored booze in your front yard.

Not often seen in its natural habitat, the rare greenus flip-flopus can camouflage itself to protect it from predators. This is evolution at its finest.

Maybe I just don't get out that much, or I missed the last issue of Vogue, but I had no idea that they made Hawaiian SHORTS to MATCH Hawaiian shirts. The quality of this picture isn't so great, but I needed to capture this beauty without getting arrested for stalking.

I love anything with my initials on it, even if it's an Ohio license plate. I'm self-involved that way. This Buckeye clearly has good taste, even though we know they can't drive for crap.

Hoopty with a bunch of tow-away notices on it. Surprisingly enough, it did not have an Ohio plate on it.

This is a totally cool Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. Hopefully the tow truck in the background was on its way for the hoopty above.

Doesn't every Dairy Queen have a deck of playing cards and a water bottle strewn throughout the shrubbery surrounding its parking lot? This is an obvious locale for card playing and water consumption.

Last, but certainly not least: smoked pork skin. I have no idea what this is for, or how one prepares it. I could Google it, but I am going to choose to stay blissfully ignorant on this one. If I need to lose a few pounds, I go to the grocery store down the street and stare at the smoked pork skin. My appetite then hops on the nearest Greyhound and gets the heck out of town.


  1. mmmm, nothing says lovin like smoked pork skin.

  2. Oh, Lauren, I love this post. You really are a girl after my own heart. I've always thought about doing a blog with nothing but strange photo posts, so I hope this will be a theme for you.

    Also, I miss you and your facebook tomfoolery. I might come back one day, but you're missed. We need to get together if you're around Labor Day weekend. :)

  3. Also, there's a crapload of weirdness in all of my Flickr collections and sets:

    In particular, I heart weird things at stores: