Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why yes, I am ready for some football, thanks for asking.

To commemorate the commencement of Pittsburgh Steelers preseason football today (squeeeee!), I am posting some Steelers-related photos that I've been saving for just the right moment!

US Air clearly knows what time it is. I took this photo of the Steelers-themed airplane in Charlotte, NC in June, from the seat of my plane.

I snapped this photo of the "Terrible Truck" at a red light near the Robinson Town Centre. I have no ideas what the owners of this truck do for a living, but they obviously bring it.

James Harrison isn't afraid of his shadow, James Harrison's shadow is afraid of him!

Whenever I'm having a tough moment at work, I simply look to my James Harrison bobblehead doll on my desk, and ask myself, "What would James Harrison do?" It would probably look something like this:

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