Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Separated at birth?: Judge Belvin Perry and Urkel

I am completely enthralled with the Casey Anthony trial. I happened to catch the opening statements live, and from that point on, I've been hooked. I'll keep my thoughts on Casey to myself, but I hope that justice will be served for sweet Caylee.

Much like the O.J. Simpson trial, this tragic case has given birth to a cast of characters that runs the gamut from compelling to comical, and from eccentric to esoteric. My personal favorite is the no-nonsense Judge Belvin Perry. I'm obviously not alone in this; a Twitter account has been set up just to share the verbal gems of the infinitely quotable Judge Perry.

Judge Perry delivers more than just running commentary on the juror's evening meals and the "dessert lady." He also bears a striking resemblance to 90s sitcom icon Steve Urkel. Agree?