Thursday, July 30, 2009

Facebook Status of the Day

Thousands of Jack Wilson and Freddy Sanchez Pirates bobble-head dolls wept silent, bitter tears today, as the most disappointing team in Major League Baseball once again jettisoned their best performers in exchange for a ragtag bunch of players. Sigh. Perhaps I should just be grateful that the Steelers and Pens are reigning champs, but the Pirates make me sad. A once great franchise has become a punchline.

The good news? People were funny today! My friends on Facebook provided a much-welcomed respite from the crappola Pirates news.

Facebook Status of the Day:

  • LF helped the blind man carry his beer across the road again, from the 7-11. I have learned more about this man. He loves the bands Boston and Grand Funk Railroad, which is good because he as a sweet mullet to match.

Runners Up:

  • JW is worried that Max is aspiring to be in the mafia. He has us kiss his hand before bed each night. Wouldn't you be worried?

  • Somehow, the Amish men are working on my roof in the pouring rain. No bullshit, one of the Amish dudes has a rain cover on his straw that's dedication!!

  • PL just defined some deliverables and next steps, because it's time to fish or cut bait. Come on team! It's time to dismount because the horse is dead, we've got to inspect what we expect, under-promise and over-deliver, solicit some buy-in from decision makers and influencers, and realize that if we want to hunt with the big dogs that we need to get off of the porch. You guessed right! Another sales meeting!

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  1. I want a blind amish guy working on my roof in the rain while listening to Grand Funk Railroad. Can Amish people grow mullets?