Friday, July 24, 2009

Facebook Status of the Day

I'm going to try to think of a less snarky, yet still interesting topic that I can blog about soon. Glancing back through some of the more recent ones, I feel as though I am becoming a younger, female Andy Rooney. My eyebrows are much more impeccably groomed than his, however.

Facebook Status of the Day:

  • At long last, my son Andy initiated a game of baseball with the boy next door. Connor raises his arm to pitch (it was a regular baseball), tosses the ball to Andy, and pelts him in the mouth. Blood and screaming ensued. This will send him right back to looking at Vogue magazine...
Runners Up:

  • Lily spent the last hour in the driveway, drinking a beer and cutting aluminum pipe. Sorry if I stole your status, ladies :)

  • CG is wondering why he has to write papers in his accounting class...It's called acCOUNTING, not aWRITING!

Honorable Mention:

  • I'm sitting here drinking my Snapple mixed with Dr Pepper and a Barq's root beer, looking out at my car with its front license plate wondering who I have to do or kill to get on the FB of the day. MaYbe tHis WILL HELP. :)

Thanks, Carrie, for contributing.


  1. Hooray for honorable mention. I love you Lauren, thanks for the giggle :P

  2. Haha! I'm glad it made you happy! :-)