Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm "Lost" without you

I'm a huge fan of the television show "Lost," but as any regular viewer can attest, you're often left with more questions than answers by the time the closing credits roll each week. I've seen every episode of the series, and I still have a hard time keeping up with all the intricate threads the show's creaters have spun. But that intricacy is also what makes the show so awesome.

To help fill in the plot points my feeble brain has failed to capture, I usually check in with my favorite television recap web sites the day after a new episode has aired. If there's anything better than watching television shows, it's reading about television shows!

I would never attempt to recap or analyze my favorite shows in great detail on this blog (there are people out there that get paid good money to do that already). Television Without Pity and Entertainment Weekly's TV Watch do it best, in my opinion. They cover many of the cult favorites and ratings leaders (TwoP's coverage has much more depth and breadth, though).

If you know of some great TV recap/analysis sites, please share them in the comments section. Happy watching--and reading!

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