Thursday, January 29, 2009

Facebook Status of the Day

I'm a relatively recent devotee of Facebook, and I've really enjoyed getting back in touch with so many people through it. I've discovered that many of my friends and colleagues on Facebook are really funny. Some of them are even intentionally funny!

So, to pay respect to the funny, I've decided to start a regular feature on my blog: the Facebook Status of the Day. I'll remove the identifying information to protect the (not so) innocent. This could be a total violation of privacy, but I'm hoping people just think it's funny. Let's give it a shot. Also, feel free to submit your candidates from your own friend list. I'll include the best here!

Facebook Status of the Day:
SR is looking for a boarding school for her four year old...the little f-r won't stop drawing on my walls and floors!

Runners up:
PN is sending letters to tenants informing them they are NOT allowed using their closet doors as beer pong tables!

BD can't wait until Sunday! Let's blitz some birdies! She's also annoyed by her new brown-nosing cubicle neighbor. She wants to strangle him with his ugly neck ties.

Thanks for making me laugh today, Facebook friends! Don't forget to submit your funniest FB status updates in the comments section!


  1. Good one I just saw - "XX can't wait until tomorrow, because he gets better lookin' every day"

  2. I don't have any particular statuses to post, but isn't it funny when two people on your Facebook friends who don't even know each other have eerily similar statuses at almost the exact same time?? It just happened to me in reference to the Cavs game. Weird.

  3. Wow! Runner up! I feel so honored! It has also inspired me to work harder to earn the TOP SPOT!
    woo hoo

  4. Oh my gosh, I LOVE IT! This is the best idea EVER! And while you're at it, you should have a "Status of Shame" feature, where you pick apart statuses (statii?) for bad grammar. I was just complaining the other day about how many of my friends with good educations STILL mix up your/you're!

  5. KMI thinks that it must be cold when a hooker has to wear sweatpants over her camel toe-inducing skinny jeans on her way to work, then does a free striptease...

    now this is a good one!
    love reading your witty posts!!

  6. Lauren -- this is hysterical. The Starbucks post had me cracking up in my office. I resisted for so long ... and then became one of those people.