Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Fashion 2009: If it doesn't fit, you must ditch it

The Oscars were a bit ho-hum last night, including the fashion. I did make two major observances, though. First, a great dress can be ruined by a bad fit, and a middling dress can be uplifted (ahem, no pun intended) by a great fit. Second, amazing jewelry can salvage a bland look.

In the "good dress, bad fit" category:

Sarah Jessica Parker loves to get all ball-gowny on us, and most of the time it works. Here however, her...uh...cups runneth over. And the belt is cinched way too tightly. Love the hair, love the dress, bad fit.

Next up, we have Jessica Biel, and I've lied to you already. This is a bad dress with a bad fit. If it had been fitted properly, however, it would be much more attractive (also, removing the giant napkin tucked into the front would help). Anyway, this dress looks as though it's about to slip down her chest (which I'm sure would be dreadful to her male fans), it's too roomy in the hip, and the skirt looks like it was designed by the finest Barbie fashion minds that Mattel has to offer.

Wow, Goldie. If I can see your tan lines (and why, oh why, do you have tan lines?) and your lavaliere microphone cord, it's time to quit that dress. Also, it looks like every other neutral-colored dress you wear to every event. If you're recycling in this down economy though, then props for that.

In the "fit makes the look" category:

Anne Hathaway went with a very safe old-Hollywood look last night, but the impeccable fit elevated it to a red-carpet winner for me.

At last, we have some color. Natalie Portman looks like she needs some intense cheeseburger therapy, but you can't argue with the fit of this dress--it's perfection. The color is Pepto-tastic, but at least it's not boring. I would have like to have seen a wee bit more color in her make-up, though. She was borderline corpse-like in this photo.

I surprised myself a little with my favorite of the night: Marisa Tomei. I usually don't like a lot of embellishment, but for some reason this pleated number is doing it for me. She has the pose down, the dress fits like a glove (or in this case, like cascading stack of envelopes), and it brings just the right amount of drama. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

In the "your jewelry just saved you" category:
Amy Adams' red number is not a loser on its own (I like the art-deco look of the bodice design), but the bold collar necklace definitely completes this look. Kudos for the hair and make-up folks, too.

I'm stunned. Angelina Jolie wore black. She's usually such a bright ray of sunshine. What a dramatic departure. OK, at least she wasn't wearing a bed sheet again, as she has been inclined to of late, but I found her dress to be deadly dull (so dull, I don't even feel the need to include a photo of it!). The earrings, though...wowza.

Taraji P. Henson looks like she got toilet papered by some ornery high schoolers on Halloween night, but I am in love with this necklace. Stunning. And great hair. (Steve Granitz/

Congrats to all the winners. I went 6 for 8 in my predictions last night, and the two I missed were really wishful thinking on my part. I'll miss the red carpets now that awards season is over!

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