Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grammys Stuff

The Grammys aren't over yet, but I'm heading to bed.

Some observations:
Excluding the Zooropa period, it’s hard for me to knock U2. Their performance tonight, however, wasn’t doing it for me. The song sounded like it was from a bad Beatles wannabe band from 1964. And guyliner is not bad in principle. Guyliner on Bono is.

Speaking of Beatles wannabes: Coldplay, you get a point for admitting you look like you’ve raided the Sgt. Pepper’s costume closet. You get -50 points for looking like you’re shooting a pilot episode of a new music show for Noggin.

Jennifer Hudson: Beautiful, moving, amazing set of pipes.

Kanye. Please. Pretty please with sequins on top. Stop trying to bring 1983 back. We are not buying what you’re selling. Lose the junior mullet and gloves while you still have an iota of dignity.

Katy Perry’s dancing made the Britney Spears' performance at the 2007 VMAs look positively polished. Homegirl needs to look cute, stand behind a mike, shimmy a little, and concentrate on singing. Please don’t try choreography again.

Morgan Freeman and Kenny Chesney are friends? That is an unlikely pairing. It was wonderful to see Morgan Freeman looking so good after his car accident last year. Judging by the glove on his left hand, he’s still not back to 100%.

Nine-months-pregnant MIA looked like an inflatable pool toy in her skin-tight polka-dotted leotard thingie. Kudos to her for performing on her due date though.

How could Paul McCartney NOT be awesome? The term living legend doesn’t even begin to cover the man’s standing in the world. But seeing Dave Grohl on the drums behind him? He’s about the only person that could distract me from Sir Paul. I love the Foo Fighters, but seeing Dave behind a drum kit just feels right. I’ve always been a sucker for the drummers. Probably because they usually look insane.

I had heard of Adele before tonight, but I hadn’t listened to any of her music. Loved her performance with Sugarland.

Oh look. Gwyneth made a dress out of Kanye West’s jacket.

Robert Plant and Allison Krauss? Don't get it, sorry.

Lil Wayne? Don't get him either.

Justin Timberlake does no wrong, in my book.

I think John Mayer is a tool, but the dude can play guitar.

OK, that's not everything, but those were the things that jumped out at me. Must sleep. Good night!

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  1. I'm just now starting to seek out the clips on YouTube.

    * I don't think U2's performance was bad. It actually reminded me a lot of their PopMart shows, with Bono's poses, the screen stuff and the font. Also, I think the "follow the bouncing ball" aspect is genius marketing for the single -- made me immediately want to learn the words for possible impending "Rock Band"dom.

    Granted, U2's music continues to evolve further and further away from Joshua Tree, but I don't necessarily consider that a bad thing (but I rather liked Zooropa. "Stay" is one of my favorite songs ever.). "Get on Your Boots" reminds me of the "Vertigo"-era songs combined with that 80s middle-school dance standard, "Wild Wild West." It's growing on me.

    I'll never tire of Edge rocking the fuck out, though.

    * I'm afraid to admit this, but I really ... um... sort of liked the Miley Cyrus/Other Girl song. *ducks*

    * Grohl/Sir Paul -- HOW FREAKING AWESOME! "I Saw Her Standing There" is one of my favorites, probably because Tiffany later made it popular for the tween set, but jesus! I LOVE seeing Grohl bang away. He just looks so happy and natural, especially when he's with his idols.

    Did you see the live performance (I think it's running on HDNet or something) where Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones came out to do a few songs? Taylor Hawkins went out for vocals and Dave went to the drums. He was CRYING! It was beautiful. :)

    * And I have nothing but love for Radiohead and my lazy-eye boyfriend Thom Yorke.