Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Facebook Status of the Day

I lost a friend to cancer today, and the world lost a loving, sweet, unique, quirky woman named Marcie Williams. My memories of Marcie always include her amazing, bright smile. She had an incomparable zest for life, and brought light to everything and everyone around her. It's an incredibly small way to pay tribute to her humor, but today, I dedicate the Facebook Status of the Day post to Marcie Williams, who left this earth at the age of 34--far too soon. May she rest in peace.

Facebook Status of the Day:

  • TR knows that a zoo patron is from West Virginia when they say, “Look ma! A kodiak bear. Just like the snuff.”
Runners Up:

  • Nice shot of “Buttcrack Dad” today. He's one of the dads at Emma's preschool, and during pickup when he bends over to get the art projects - BAM! The man really needs new pants...or a belt. I feel bad for laughing, but dang, it's funny!

  • I am going to call my kids Ctrl, Alt and Delete. Then if they screw up I will just hit them all at once.

1 comment:

  1. I did not know Marcie but may she rest in peace.

    Now write a funny blog tomorrow so I can get back to my antics.