Friday, October 9, 2009

Facebook Status of the Day

Well, it was an interesting day. We crashed a rocket into the moon (on purpose), and President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. And major events always make for a funny day on Facebook! In fact, today was so funny, I've had to save a few for later. Tune in tomorrow for another installment!

Facebook Status of the Day:

  • If your president wins the Nobel Peace Prize, and all you can do is complain, you might be a redneck.

Runners Up:

  • I found an old pair of "comfort" pj's that I haven't worn in years. Gracie comes in and says, "Mom...those are totally gross." I said, "G, I wore these when you were in my tummy." She said, “Well, in there, I didn’t have to look at them.”

  • Maaan, those moon people are going to be piiiisssed!

  • WL thinks when you spend a couple billion dollars to "shoot" the moon, you damn sure oughta be able to see a "plume" on yer TV.

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  1. Check out the band (YAM) of the guy who wrote this comment of the day.