Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chelsea Handler's face helps my blog

Back on January 27 of this year, I wrote a blog post speculating that Chelsea Handler had some work done on her face. First, I would like to pat myself on the back for being early to that party. There has been a lot of speculation in more recent history that the host of "Chelsea Lately" has had some plastic surgery or other cosmetic procedure. At the time I wrote about it, I found almost nothing about it on the magical internet.

Since then, there has been much more virtual ink devoted to the topic. People are clearly Googling terms such as "Chelsea Handler plastic surgery" because it's driven a tremendous number of people to this very blog--particularly lately (pun intended). I've included a before and after picture here, although it was difficult to find a recent picture of her (the "after" is on the left). I'm not sure this shows the contrast well, but it was the best I could do.

Here's where I'm going to break out some stats, which will perhaps bore some of you, but hopefully my fellow statistics nerds will hang in with me.

In the past month, 43 percent of all of the traffic to my blog has been to the Chelsea Handler blog post. That's a lot. The amount of traffic coming to my site from search engines has made a dramatic upturn; in September, more than 58 percent of all visitors arrived at the site via search engine (the other options are direct traffic and from a referring site, such as Facebook). In August, just 17 percent of the traffic came from search engines. That's a 41 percent shift, people. The Chelsea post has 36 comments on it, 16 of which were written in September.

So, Chelsea Handler, whatever it is that you've done to your face, I thank you for it. And no matter what you look like, I love your show.


  1. Wow - you're telling me 2 people were led here from google due to your Chelsae Handler post?

    I keed . .I keed

  2. I'm not afraid to share the numbers, "D-Nutt," which is SUCH a fabulous name. Ahem. More than 500 people arrived at the Chelsea post via search engine in September.

  3. Oh - that was all me. I clicked on the google link 500 times thinking it was going to show "implants".

  4. I have to say on Facebook this had been a HUGE THREAD with mutual friends about what is going on with her and what is different. I'm not trying to be all about vanity here at all!! Her stylist should be fired!! She is a beautiful lady no matter what she has or hasn't done but, she doesn't have the right people letting her beauty shine through at this point. Time does change EVERYBODY but what is going on here is WRONG!! There can't be that dramatic of a difference with out tacticful people in charge. Its not just about her face its everything. Sorry if that seems vain but, those who have noticed its not just slight its dramactic.

  5. My first thought was that she has developed a drinking or drug problem. She looks all pastey and sweaty and her skin is glossy. Her eyes look glossy too. I wouldn't be surpised if she is doing mounds of cocaine!