Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More Steelers Stuff

It's September, people. That means regular season football is right around the corner. I have some more Steelers stuff to share with you because:

1. I love Steelers stuff.

2. There is a lot of Steelers stuff in Pittsburgh. Go figure.

The truck below is the sweetest ride I've seen in quite awhile (I took the photo while stopped at a red light next this fine piece of machinery). This custom paint job clearly made a big improvement to this beater. They obviously ran out of room for the "H" in "burgh," though. Bummer. Or maybe they don't know how to spell. I'd say the latter is just as likely a possibility. Did I mention lately that the Pittsburgh Steelers are the only NFL team with six Super Bowl wins? Six. Count 'em.

I'm pretty sure the NFL will slap team logos on any product that will cough up the licensing dough, but this one still made me giggle a little. The most interesting feature of this razor: it actually contains no blades. The hairs on your face become so intimidated by the Steelers logo, they jump right out. Very effective.

This fine piece of artwork below was created by my good friend and talented artist Dan Hart. If you'd like to have a poster of your very own, please visit http://www.danhartdesign.com/ for his contact information.


  1. Now I see why they call him Big Ben.

    Oh, nevermind, it's a stripe.

  2. isn't that his hand towel?

  3. That's what she said.