Thursday, July 8, 2010

Facebook Status of the Day: The LeBron Edition

After a long hiatus, the "Facebook Status of the Day" is back, in honor of "LeBron James: The Decision." Seriously, was this the most overhyped, ridiculous moment in modern sports? I would like to think no one cared, but they did, they do, and they took to social media to air their opinions on it--and to poke a little fun.

My own LeBron Facebook status today was:
Inspired by LeBron, I've decided my new nickname shall be "The Decision."

It has a great "Jersey Shore" vibe, no? But we're not here to talk about me. Actually, yes we are. But I'll take a moment to put others in the spotlight.

Facebook Status of the Day:
  • Google maps is deleting Cleveland as we speak

Runners up:
  • F*ck off LeBron
(I enjoy simplicity)

  • "Emma, where did you think LeBron was going to go?" Her response: "I don't know...maybe Kroger?"

(Little Emma, I don't think they have Kroger in Miami, but LeBron can buy LOTS of groceries, no doubt.)

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